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Student Advising

This page contains the list of resources that I have designed and compiled to support PhD students. As an advisor and educator, it is my goal to provide comprehensive guidance and assist students in their academic and research pursuits. These resources are designed to offer helpful information, tips, and strategies to enhance the PhD student experience and facilitate their success. It is my hope that these resources will serve as a valuable reference and contribute to the growth and development of our PhD students.


Lessons Learned to Survive & Thrive in PhD Program

More focused on early-stage PhD students, this presentation includes 12 essential lessons learned from my own PhD journey: practical strategies and quick tips to overcome challenges, maximize productivity, foster resilience, and achieve PhD students' academic goals. 

  • Lesson 1: Get involved in publications

  • Lesson 2: Have multiple mentors

  • Lesson 3: Trainees/RAs are NOT ghostwriters

  • Lesson 4: Have a hobby

  • Lesson 5: Have peer support

  • Lesson 6: Have some professional online presence

  • Lesson 7: Subscribe to emailing lists

  • Lesson 8: Learn to use reference managers

  • Lesson 9: Get involved in academic societies

  • Lesson 10: Have a clear post-graduation goal 

  • Lesson 11: Remember, you're surrounded by overachievers

  • Lesson 12: Don't be a perfectionist!

How to Identify Research Questions & Fill Research Gaps

Includes quick and practical tips for exploring existing literature and identifying your niche in research.

How to Identify Research Questions ^0 Fill Research.jpg
  • 3 factors for narrowing your niche in research (HELP)

  • Exploring existing literature

 1. Broader topic => Narrowed topic

 2. Specific research question => General references

  • How to read articles for your own research

  •  Quick & dirty tips for literature search

Research Tips Based on My Own Exprience

Shared during the PhD courses, this short overview presentation includes helpful research tips based on my own personal experience. From finding research gaps to how to form collaborations, it provides practical advice to help PhD students and trainees.

Research tips slides .jpg
  • How to find a gap in the literature

  • Data analysis

  • Writing

  • How to publish during the PhD program?

  • Collaboration

  • Importance of mentorship in research

Navigating Faculty Application Process: What I Wish I’d Known Earlier

More focused on advanced PhD students and postdocs. Drawing from personal experiences, the presentation covers important aspects to understand and consider when applying for faculty jobs. 

Navi job_2023.jpg
  • Types of institutes

  • Types of salary source

  • Types of academic position

  • Types of faculty rank

  • Types of responsibility

  • Types of contract

  • Example positions

  • Job application process

  • My application record

  • Application documents

  • How to read job postings

  • Tips

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