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I am a Health Economist who focuses on connecting efficiency and equity in research, trying to address limited resources and health inequity altogether. I am currently an Assistant Professor (Tenure-track) in Health Economics at The University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health. I work on various population health studies and economic evaluations, using large-scale data and decision modeling.
"Inclusive Health Improvement"
My research interests are HPV-associated cancers and prevention; LGBTQIA+ health; health inequity; and multi-level social determinants of health. I am especially interested in using inequality index measures and distributional cost-effectiveness analysis for addressing health inequities.


My background before coming to the Public Health field is in Economics (Master's) and Business Administration (Bachelor). I also was involved in Medical Law & Ethics research during and after my undergrad. I have a solid background in Economic theories I obtained over my Business and Economics majors, and I could build more applied Health Economics skills upon that during my PhD training. I am an (interdisciplinary) social scientist.


I am an avid weight-trainer, and I love training martial arts (Taekwondo, Muay Thai), planting, and K-pop. I also host virtual writing retreats and support academic writings in a global organization ("Advancing Gender/Ethnic/Class Minorities in Academia"), where I discuss/learn how to create more inclusion, equity, and diversity and interact with fellow academics all around the world. I am a Seoul (Korea) native. I use They/She pronouns. 

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2018 - 2020

University of Texas Health Science Center

PhD in Health Economics

2016 - 2018

University of Florida

PhD student in Health Services, Management and Policy - Transferred due to advisor's transfer to UTHealth

2013 - 2016

University of Utah

MS in Economics

2000 - 2006

Korea University (Seoul, Korea)

Bachelor in Business Administration

(with Pre-Law curriculum)

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