Selected National Media Coverage Related to Publications

CNN: "Anal cancer rates and deaths are climbing in the US, study says"

NBC/Today: "What are the symptoms of anal cancer? Disease is on the rise in the US"

New York Post: “Study shows ‘concerning’ spike in anal cancer among Americans

Fox: “Anal cancer cases and deaths are rising significantly in the US, study finds

NBC: “Most adults unaware of link between HPV and oral, penile, and anal cancers

The Philadelphia Inquirer (also via Chicago Tribune): “Americans continue to be ignorant or indifferent about the cancer-preventing HPV vaccine

US News and World Report: “Most Americans in the dark about cancer-causing HPV, survey finds
Physician's Weekly: "Men less knowledgeable about HPV, HPV vaccination"

Popular Science: “Most people don’t know the true dangers of HPV

Healio: “More than 70% of US adults are not aware of HPV cancer risks

MEDPAGE: “Incidence of second primary HPV-associated cancers found significant: persistent HPV infection at multiple sites may be responsible

MDedge: “Racial disparities uncovered in IBD-related myelosuppressive hospitalizations

CNN: “One in nine American men has oral HPV, study finds

CNN: “1 in 9 men have oral HPV, but we fix this

New York Times: “7 million American men carry cancer-causing HPV virus

TIME: “1 in 9 men have oral HPV

Forbes: “Men found six times more likely than women to have highest risk HPV infection

CBS News: “1 in 9 American men are infected with oral HPV

NBC Nightly News: “A silent epidemic of cancer is spreading among men

The Philadelphia Inquirer: “HPV is causing an oral cancer epidemic in men by outwitting natural defenses

Academic Publications

* Authors contributed equally to this work.

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